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Only for our instagram Followers by our DOZE Collective's Crist Espiritu.

Limited run only. Shipping starts on August 24, 2012.

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The Overman is photocopied only in regular sticker paper, and cut manually. Not a high quality print.
A Note from DOZE Collective's CRIST ESPIRITU:
Like I’ve said before I’m not the type of street artist whose concern is to get up or get noticed in order to make a name or get fucking street cred. Hahaha. I create stickers or street art pieces that are designed to invoke critical thinking in public spaces. This is the reason why I come up with new sticker designs at least once a week. I’m not concerned with visual consistency in order to get recognized... I’m more concerned with consistency of artistic concept.

Here’s my latest sticker. This time I took inspiration to Nietzsche’s concept of the “Ubermensch”. (The Overman)

He’ll be manifesting his futuristic visions in the streets soon.


— Crist Espiritu